Hi, I'm Alexander

My name is Alexander Lozada and if you're reading this you're either the Google web spider, my mom, or a potential employer. In the case that you happen to be the latter, this page is meant to get us more aquainted.

  1. I'm a UI/UX designer from RIT
  2. Thats my cat, Nano. He was very patient during this photoshoot.
  3. Design is my area of focus, but I also love making music, 3D stuff, animation, and programming.
  4. I built this website myself.

More about me

I've been interested in the intersection between design and technology for what seems like forever. I delved into Blender 3D when I was 10, and I've been learning ever since.

When I got to college, my computer science roomates inspired me to learn about programming. I currently post often to my Github and sometimes I'll post a tutorial on my dev site. I created my portfolio page myself, and I'm pretty proud of that!

In addition to design, I really love making music. I created the music web company Resamplr which makes high-quality sample libraries and virtual instruments.

Wanna learn more? Shoot me a message and take a look at my resume.