Work experience

- Present


I'm currently a part of the amazing team at A Cloud Guru, a Pluralsight company. I've worked through a small local startup in Keller, TX, to a huge international remote company. I worked within the product team to conduct user research, prototype, deliver quality designs, and monitor after release in an agile team environment.

iCanCode Club

Worked with owner to create company designs for digital media. Developed web application meeting company goals. Maintained site designs and functionality.

Posture Interactive

Collaborated with a small team to deliver a diverse portfolio of client work. Created designs for company marketing site.



Rochester Institute of Technology

New Media Design BFA

Skills & interests

The usual design programs...
Figma, Adobe & Affinity Suite, Sketch... All that good design stuff. I'm really interested in design systems
...and processes
UX research, working within a product team, internal & external interviews, usability tests and more. The list seems to never end!
3D and Video
Blender & After Effects for creative renders, CAD modeling and 3D printing
Avid Rust enthusiast since '15, experimenting with everything from webapps to microcontrollers to games.
Music Production
Classicly trained pianist that has since forgotten most things about that and now just makes "sick" beats in Bitwig


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2022 Jan
Building a community 🔒
2021 Sep
The Reel: Sports Highlights
2018 May
Rust documentation
2018 May
Overcast weather station
2018 Apr
Resamplr sound library
2018 Mar


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